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As you can see my blog is about food and recipes. I love eating and trying out new recipes all the time.

Very often we mum's think of healthy and interesting food options that we can make for our kids especially when they are back from school knowing that their lunch boxes never come back home empty. Hence I always feel its important to give them a healthy and wholesome snack once they are home. When my kid comes home from school I always try and give him some source of carbohydrate combined with proteins along with this, a fruit and milk, or puddings made from milk. Kids normally can't eat too much at one time, so the portions can be small but giving them a little from each of these food group ensures a balanced meal.

I have some interesting ideas that I'd like to share with you all. You might find some of my recipes very basic but I am hoping that my blog is helpful not only for Indians but for people all around the world! Indian food is quite popular and enjoyed by most, so hopefully you can attempt recipes from here and make it yourself now, in your kitchen. Please do go through my recipes and give it a shot at trying them. Let me know how things turned out and if you enjoyed your experience of cooking.... Feel free to get in touch, share your experience, leave a comment or ask any questions you may have. Thank you for stopping by and taking a look! I do hope its helpful.

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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Stir Fried Chicken In Black Bean Sauce.


350-400 gms boneless diced chicken.

Around 10 Shallots.

3-4 tbspn of Black Bean Sauce.

1 tbspn Cornstarch.
Spring onions for garnishing (the green part of it).

Wash chicken well and mix shallots with the diced chicken.

Add black bean sauce.

Stir and keep this aside for 1-2 hours so chicken gets marinated well.

Heat a wok.

Once it becomes hot pour the marinated chicken into it.

Stir well on medium to high flame.

You can rinse the container used for marination with little water (about 1/2 cup or less) and pour it into the chicken as chicken will tend to get too dry or even start to burn on a high flame.

Stir again and let it cook, stirring occasionally. In about 8-10 minutes the chicken will be done. Lower the flame now.

To make the gravy thick (since now it will be watery) take cornstarch and dissolve it in little water (around 1/4 cup of water).

Pour cornstarch liquid into the chicken and increase the flame.

Stir well. The gravy will thicken.

You may add little water to adjust the thickness of the gravy or keep it thick according to your preference.

Garnish with the green part of spring onions.

Serve hot with steamed rice/sticky rice.

For all vegetarians you can stir fry all the veggies in a mix of olive oil and little sesame oil and then add the black bean sauce once the veggies are cooked. You can also add tofu or paneer cubes in the end after stir frying is done.

Chicken is an excellent source of the cancer-protective B vitamin, niacin. Components of DNA require niacin, and a deficiency of niacin (as well as other B-complex vitamins) has been directly linked to genetic (DNA) damage. A four-ounce serving of chicken provides 78% of the daily value for niacin.

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